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June 1, 2020

June 2020 Covid-19 Update

Now that the Government has issued more advice on how the lockdown can be eased, we are eagerly awaiting guidance from our elected representatives on precisely what is a "Covid-Safe" working environment.

As yet, we have yet to receive any official advice in the shape of emails, leaflets or any other instructions. Despite this, we have endeavoured to find information ourselves on exactly what measures we need to put in place to ensure our premises remain safe for individuals to return to work.

Our efforts to ensure the workplace remains safe is a top priority and we have initiated a partial return to our premises for certain individuals on an elective basis. While the working-from-home policy still applies, some employees have expressed an interest in returning to work in our offices.

This policy allows a measured and carefully implemented plan that ensures everyone remains at a safe distance and that certain communal areas, once bustling with coffee and tea aficionados, remain closed for the time being.

We have implemented a policy of no desk space sharing and those that wish to return to the workplace are asked to ensure they cooperate with our temporary new policies.

What this means for our customers is a gradual return to normality. Our ability to supply our services for Live support operations has not been greatly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic though certainly, our development services have been slightly affected while we concentrate on ensuring Live support is paramount.

It is, therefore, good news that we are seeing a trickle back to the office in terms of staffing. Our customer focus remains constant but so does our intention to ensure staff safety. We will therefore monitor the situation as it progresses and implement a measured response.

In the meantime, our dedicated staff will continue to offer the best possible service in a ever-changing environment to ensure our customers are supported 100% throughout the duration of this unprecedented situation we are faced with.


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