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Who Can Benefit from Libris?

Libris aims to make life easier for Tax Efficient Investment Managers, Fund Managers, Investment Advisers, Authorised Representatives. Wealth Managers and Custodians

Exact has developed Libris to appeal to Investment Managers seeking to streamline their operational process by implementing a single system to cater for the entire breadth of the investment management processing spectrum.

Libris has a plethora of secure connectivity options too, so permitted and trusted third parties are able to access specific processing modules. This connectivity capability extends the appeal to Fund Managers desirous to improve the accessibility to Investment Advisers and Authorised Representatives in order to fulfill oversight requirements.

Similarly, Libris can be implemented by Investment Advisers and Authorised Representatives to allow the Fund Managers to review their activities and approve operational processes.

Libris appeals to Private Equity firms, in order to maintain an industry best practice operational model for their investment business.

Wealth Managers can benefit from a Libris service too. By providing a consolidated view of a clients positions across multiple platforms (made simpler and more secure if an existing Libris platform) gathering and publishing accurate client information becomes a reality.

In collaboration with our industry partners Exact are able to offer a very exciting opportunity for Wealth Managers to invest in an enterprise level, robust and above all, Ultra-secure solution to their investment management needs.

Custodians too can benefit from Libris. Being able to offer corporate customer a market leading administration solution within a connected operations environment has real industry potential and extended service capability. With a flexible licencing model, Exact can offer the Libris service as a white-labelled integrated system.

How Much Does Libris Cost?

Exact offer a very flexible and affordable pricing structure and can customise software options to suit any budget.

Every Libris customer is different. From company size, to number of investors and assets under management the diversity in options can be great. We aim to understand the current needs of any prospective client as well as concentrating on future growth and supporting companies through that journey. As a result, pricing the service depends on key factors such as number of investors, and module selection. Remaining competitive in this respect is key to our philosophy to ensure all our clients receive value.

As examples, a start-up company, with up to three application forms, deploying, in the first instance, our on-line digital application process can enjoy an Ultra-Secure Libris service for as little as £500 per month.

A more established firm, with 2000 Investors, on-line applications across 5 products and on-line portals for Investors and Advisers, full Investor Statement reporting, cash management and full allotment processing would raise the level to around £2000 per month.

Larger firms would require individual pricing considerations and are difficult to publish as a guideline cost.

Please note that these figures are purely indicative and any prices we quote will be specific to any individual client requirements.

How Does the Libris Option Scheme Work?

Prospective clients who are not quite ready to commit to implement a system can receive a proposal with costs fixed for 2 years and receive a number of additional benefits too.

The Libris Option Scheme allows companies who are keen to implement a digital solution but are constrained by either cost or resource availability to lock into a pre-defined quotation.

Exact will determine all licence, hosting, data migration and implementation fees and agree a cost basis that will prevail for 2 full years.

For a single upfront fee of £499 (refundable against any final contract) for all potential customers, not only will the quotations be frozen, all Libris Option customers can benefit, over the two year period, from:

- Access to demonstration systems
- Access to our Business Consultants
- Application form mock-ups
- Implementation road-map
- A full legacy data migration review
- Product Updates
- Invitations to new feature demonstrations
- Invitations to User Group meetings
- Fast-track implementation schedule

Contact us for full T&Cs of this scheme.

What is Ultra-secure?

All client data is stored in an Ex-MoD nuclear bunker buried 30m below the Kent countryside, converted to provide facilities management with the highest levels of active and passive security.

Exact has suites of server racks within the bunker and every client’s data location can be pinpointed. This known physical location (as opposed to storing client data somewhere in the cloud) satisfies some of the most stringent financial data regulations including GDPR.

The infrastructure (all owned and maintained by Exact) includes a rigid safety framework of firewalls, servers and network communications channels ensuring only our applications can reach client data. IP Gateway lockdown and VPLS capability ensures access is controlled before reaching a login screen.

Customised security token-based APIs are available for integration purposes (subject to our own due diligence process of the API user) and Exact has many years of experience in providing secure encrypted access to client requested third parties for electronic data exchange.

Exact clients demand the highest possible security features to protect their data, yet also need a reliable Business Continuity programme that is at least as secure. Exact provide a Disaster Recovery service that utilises another Ultra-secure location, at the Ex-MoD/NATO site at Greenham Common in Berkshire. Back-up data is encrypted and travels through a locked-down dedicated network link between the two sites, should DR need to be invoked Exact manage the entire process of de-crypting data ready for client operational needs.

Compliance and Data Security

Exact believes in a collaborative approach to newly announced regulation and MiFIDii and GDPR are no exception.

Exact work closely with clients to ensure all of their compliance obligations can be met by system design enhancements, software enhancements and data management and storage arrangements that keep clients on the right side of the regulations.

Exact’s GDPR data controller is Andrew Dodd, Technical Services Director and Exact has GDPR contractual obligations that are covered under its GDPR services addendum to every principal contract. Andrew’s department is also responsible for monitoring any cyber security risks to ensure Exact is prepared for any emerging vulnerabilities.

Exact takes the security of its client’s data very seriously and has invested heavily in infrastructure to ensure customer data is protected from loss, attacks and other vulnerabilities. All staff are trained in the best practice approach for precautions and monitoring. This investment is justified as Exact frequently appoints third party cyber security companies (such as the NCC Group) to perform penetration tests and software vulnerability tests. Exact clients in addition, perform their own similar independent tests on a regular basis and every test result to date has yet to break the security barrier and Exact are determined to keep it that way.

Exact Support Services

Exact has an excellent reputation for supporting its products. Every customer benefits from a level of technical and business expertise in your industry.

A dedicated Exact Support Centre portal allows complete ticket logging and full monitoring of issue and resolution.

Our support staff are friendly and approachable and will assist you in any area you need help. We pride ourselves on offering a first class support service and our customers know we can be relied upon for any event that requires our attention.

Implementation Services

Our Client Services department together with our Technical Service team unite to ensure your implementation goes smoothly.

We assist in data migration and conversion, electronic integrations and data cleansing and de-duplication. Training and consultancy is always available and we are always at the end of a telephone to answer the smallest queries from our customers.

Our Established Methodology

We work with you to understand all aspects of your business

We focus on industry changes and adapt our products accordingly
We support a community spirited User Group to allow customers to regularly exchange views and experience
We offer exclusive developments to maintain any customer USP
We can enhance and develop customised solutions whilst retaining a standard core system for future upgrades
We release new upgrades every 3 to 6 months

Development Partnership Scheme

We offer all customers a comprehensive software development service.

We are secure portal specialists, and can import, host, manipulate, apply logic and re-distribute data via our Ultrasecure infrastructure. As a development partner we work with clients to achieve enterprise level solutions that support hundreds of users through to small enhancements to existing software.

Our partnerships extend to years of professional relationships and we support, host and maintain solutions for some of the largest, well respected financial institutions.

Bespoke Systems Development

Exact has a long and envious reputation for building customised and exclusive solutions for our customers. We pride ourselves with our combination of industry knowledge, technical prowess, attention to detailed requirements and development methodology to deliver technological solutions to our customers on time and on budget.

Most of our large institutional clients and some alternative asset managers have used this established service to achieve solutions that are robust and reliable and have provided years ongoing service.

Each one of our successful developments is hosted, supported and maintained by Exact at our Ultrasecure locations.

Third Party Data Delivery (APIs)

Libris has built-in API access capability for trusted 3rd Parties.

The Libris system has a series of API connectivity options that allow trusted 3rd Parties, such as Adviser Firms, Custodians, Networks, Introducers and Platforms to share and update investor data via secure web-services. All Libris administrators have total control over access to specific advisers and investor data ensuring adherence to all data protection legislation and includes electronic Letters of Authority issuance and action management.

Custodian API's exist to allow connected custody firms to on-board investors, update cash status, AML results, amend investor records, update allotment details and view investors portfolio details.

Custom API's can also be generated to interface with any 3rd Party systems.

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