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October 16, 2018

Exact to be Technology Partner with MICAP to launch Cross Market Reporting

Exact is delighted to report that it has  been selected as a technology partner by MICAP,  the specialist provider of data, research and support tools for financial advisers. Together, Exact and MICAP will implement a cross-market reporting solution for financial advisers operating in the tax-advantaged market, designed to minimise the ongoing burden of collating and inputting investment reports from multiple managers into their own back-office systems. Leveraging Exact’s Libris system, which allows investment managers to provide a uniquely user-friendly and technology-driven client reporting solution to their clients, Exact and MICAP are poised to launch the MICAP-Libris system to the adviser market. The MICAP-Libris system will allow advisers to access a “portal of portals” through a single login to the MICAP platform, where they can view and report upon all client positions and transactions in one place. The MICAP-Libris system is the culmination of a series of Ultra-secure integrated technologies that allow seamless, yet controlled access to investor data without the need of complex data uploads and manipulation. With all data residing in Exact's facilities management centre, located within the Ultra-secure ex-MoD nuclear bunker, all investor data is kept secure and compliant with the stringent regulatory requirements of today and beyond. Commenting on the partnership, Exact CEO Gary Butcher: "MICAP came to us with a clear vision of market need for consolidated, integrated reporting together with sufficient granularity to provide Adviser Firms and Wealth Managers with the information they need to best serve their clients. We are delighted to have been approached as technology partners to create a unique and sophisticated reporting solution that retains the security, integrity and robustness that are the keynotes of every Libris implementation." The reporting solution is due to be trialled by a pilot set of Investment Managers and Financial Adviser firms and is set for general release towards the end of Q2 2019.


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