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November 19, 2019

Exact Announces Upgraded API Integration Possibilities

Exact today announced four new API upgrades to existing integration capability. The new enhanced API's allow external third parties to integrate specific functionality to the Exact Libris system. Available as a no-cost upgrade for all our customers the latest API's brings introduces new dynamics for all Libris users wishing to integrate to third parties.

The first upgrade is to the Investor Onboarding API. The ability for third party platforms and networks to electronically submit new investor applications to any Libris empowered Investment Manager. The upgraded interface allows for new and existing investors and adviser firms, as well as the capability to transmit pre-agreed upfront and ongoing IFA charges within the application process. The ability to create new investors and adviser firms/individual advisers is now included in the API. Managers retain full access control permissions to their open products.

The second upgrade is to the Investor Reporting API. External parties can now benefit from a comprehensive investor reporting API that can also streamline documents. Trusted third parties, such as data aggregators or platforms can retrieve investor positions, cash and charges details via secure web-service APIs. Managers retain full access permission control. This upgraded API provides a full service integration to cover reporting and document sharing with trusted third parties.

The third upgrade is to the Allotment API. Where managers trust external parties, such as custodians or platforms to allocate investor monies into portfolio companies, the upgraded Allotment API will allow electronic transfer of portfolio company level transactions directly into the Libris system, thereby ensuring accurate investor positions are reflected within the investor book of records.

The final upgrade extends the functionality of the CRM API. This specific API allows Libris customers to integrate with third party CRM systems, specifically to create new/amend existing IFA firms, create new/amend existing financial advisers and to create new/amend existing investor records. Together with a 'get all' capability for adviser firms/advisers/investors, the newly upgraded API will allow greater connectivity to external or internal CRM systems.


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