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December 11, 2019

Exact Launches Exciting New Data Integration Service: Libris Ventura

For 2020 Exact has launched an exiting new service, Libris Ventura. Libris Ventura is an Ultrasecure data repository service, leveraging the inherent data security features of a full Libris service, but allows any investment manager not using the full service to benefit from the advanced secure integration capabilities Exact has developed to connect the Tax Efficient and Alternative Investment industry.

Existing Libris clients already enjoy our latest advanced API integration opportunities to share investor and adviser data to trusted third parties. This integration service completes this picture for those managers who are desirous to distribute their data, or perhaps create investor and adviser portals, but do not necessarily require a full Libris system.

Who can benefit from the Libris Ventura Service?

Put simply, a Libris Ventura customer would most likely already be an established investment manager, with their own in-house systems. Wealth managers and IFA firms generally want to have a single go-to service to provide them with consolidated investor positions across multiple managers. Of course, all Libris empowered fund managers are already able to integrate with the growing number of aggregators and platforms that offer such a consolidated service. Libris has a validated and secure suite of APIs that allow this integration. The integration capabilities can now be extended to any investment manager by providing secure data on-boarding facilities for non-Libris managers and then plug into what is rapidly becoming the standard protocol for alternative asset investor integration. Further that any data loaded to a Libris Ventura service, permits the generation of a wider range of reporting requirements, eg, the SJP R1,2,3 and 4 reports.

How does Libris Ventura work?

Let's assume a non-Libris alternative asset manager operates in house systems and are happy with those systems. A requirement arises, though, to integrate investor data to trusted third parties. Of course, the fund manager can build their own API suite and distribute the data or they can subscribe to the Libris Ventura service. Exact will provide the manager firm with an Ultrasecure data repository and tools to upload investor and adviser data in a standard manner. Reconciliation tools and data control portal allows the manager to review data and ensure accuracy. Once the manager is content that their data is accurate and complete, the manager can then release data to their trusted third parties, who already use Libris enabled API capability.

How Secure is Libris Ventura?

So secure it's actually Ultrasecure! Exact host all client data in data-centres that are in the UK and deemed Ultrasecure. Exact own all its infrastructure in terms of data servers, application servers, storage devices and firewalls. We maintain and configure all these devices ourselves and have been for over a decade. Exact keep secure over £130bn of client assets and any Libris Ventura customer will leverage the same degree of data security.

What else can the Libris Ventura service provide?

At launch there are 5 key service options available to any Libris Ventura customer:

Integration APIs
Investor Portal
Adviser Portal
Adviser Head-Office Portal - adviser firm hierarchical portal
Comprehensive Investor Reporting and Wealth Manager Reporting

These options are already included as standard for any Libris empowered fund manager and can be extended to any manager who subscribes to the Libris Ventura service.

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